The BamBrush Philosophy

What Is The BamBrush Philosophy?

Our brushes are made from moso bamboo, the fastest growing plant on earth. It's like the Usain Bolt of plants.

Let’s face it, having clean teeth and a great smile is something we all can appreciate …

...but many of us continue to use the same old toothbrush for months, or even years without ever replacing it. Gross! Not only do regular toothbrushes wear down, they can also become unsanitary. Almost every dentist will recommend that you replace your toothbrush every few months, but many people simply don’t.

Now, thanks to BamBrush, we’re going to totally change the way you brush your teeth. 

When you subscribe to BamBrush, you’ll get a fresh, new BamBrush in the mail every 2 months. When you toss your old BamBrush toothbrush out, thanks to its biodegradable materials, Mother Nature will thank you. This means no more filling up landfills or polluting our beautiful oceans with plastic toothbrushes!

Not only will you get a fresh new toothbrush every 2 months to keep your teeth clean and sparkling white, but you’ll also be brushing responsibly each and every time!

It’s WIN-WIN-WIN ...for your teeth, your dental hygiene, and Mother Nature!


BamBrush toothbrushes are created using 100% naturally grown Moso bamboo. The bamboo forests in which our toothbrushes grow are chemical-free, and monitored for sustainability. Did you know that bamboo can grow in height up to fifteen feet in a single season?


Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic, making it ideal for cooking and kitchen products as well as toothbrushes. Also, BamBrushes are coated in a protective natural wax to ensure a smooth surface and brushing experience.


While many other toothbrushes advertise their biodegradability, it should be known that their decomposition process can last hundreds of years. Every BamBrush replaces one of these plastic brushes. Since it’s made of bamboo, it degrades over a much shorter period of time.


BamBrush bristles are made of nylon to ensure cleanliness. Dentists recommend that in order to maintain good oral hygiene, which is directly linked to overall health, you should change your toothbrush every 2 months. BamBrush takes the hassle out of having a hygienic brush.


You will be the talk of the town brushin’ those pearly whites with one of our fashionable toothbrushes. Available in 4 dazzling colours, there is something for every outfit and mood. 


Put your toothbrush buying on autopilot and never worry about having a stinky brush ever again! When you get your new brush every 6 weeks it'll be a reminder to compost/recycle/burn your old brush. Your dentist and mother earth will thank you.