Our Mission

We created BamBrush to make the best biodegradable bamboo toothbrush ever.


We are saving the environment, by replacing everyday items with eco-friendly alternatives.

We believe that there are eco-friendly alternatives to the products everyone on this planet uses. Our small conscious team of nature lovers believes that saving the environment and having a thriving business can coexist. Growing our business should never come at the cost to the planet.

Keeping plastics out of the environment with honesty.

One of the ways we tackle this mission is by promoting the adoption of an alternative to the plastic toothbrush, when people realize they have the power to make a change in the world it will spread to other areas of their lives. We never lie about what or where our products come from.

Meet Craig and Sammy


Craig Tessier - Founder - Instagram: @craigtessier

"Every plastic toothbrush that has ever been made is still out there." - Craig Tessier

Craig is the founder of BamBrush. After having learned how every plastic toothbrush that has ever been made is still out there in the environment, he knew something had to be done. Craig quickly got to work prototyping the best bamboo toothbrush money could buy.


Sammy Lirette-Cowen - President - Instagram: @sammylirettecowen

"Biodegradable alternatives are how busy customers can help the environment easily." - Sammy Lirette-Cowen

Sammy is the President of BamBrush. After learning what Craig was doing and the reaction the early BamBrushes were getting, he knew he had to get involved. Leveraging his years of experience in media he is fanatic in spreading the BamBrush message across Canada.