Our Mission

BamBrush was founded to make switching to eco-friendly alternatives as easy as possible.

BamBrush came from the idea that people find it difficult to make eco-friendly choices. For someone to start making eco-friendly choices it usually requires research and choosing the right products. Switching to eco-friendly alternatives should be super easy and shouldn't take hours of research on which choices are the correct ones.

The Future Is Biodegradable

Every plastic toothbrush that has ever been made is still out there. That simple sentence sums up our philosophy. We began with the BamBrush which is a biodegradable toothbrush and we will continue on. When you are buying a BamBrush you are having a direct impact on the environment and the footprint you leave on this planet.

Meet The Team

Craig Tessier - Founder - Instagram: @craigtessier

Craig is the founder of BamBrush aka The Big Nacho. After having learned how every plastic toothbrush that has ever been made is still out there in the environment, he knew something had to be done. Craig got to work prototyping the best bamboo toothbrush money could create and getting it into the hands of Canadians.

Sammy Lirette-Cowen - President - Instagram: @sammylirettecowen

Sammy is a childhood friend of Craig and co-pilot of BamBrush. When Sammy saw the difference Craig was making and the response people were having to BamBrush, he knew he had to get involved. Sammy leverages his online media and technical experience to spread the idea of easy eco-friendly alternatives across the internet.