BamBrush Testimonials And Reviews

Fan Art From Customer 'Mikaela Kautzky'

"Just got my brush and coconut shell charcoal. Wow I love both! My mouth still feels clean from the charcoal that I brushed with over nearly 6 hours ago. I use a fluoride free toothpaste and feel 100% better about brushing with something as natural as bamboo vs my old plastic brush. The size of the brush is great and it feels so much better than a plastic one. Thanks Bam Brush!" - Caisie Peters


"I bought a family pack and gave out 3 for friends and hubby and kept one for myself!! I love this product! I'm hooked!!! Goodbye plastic toothbrushes forever!! (I'm actually going to purchase another family pack just to hand out to people to try!) I love this company! Thanks for making something simple, and environmentally friendly that works just as well as any toothbrush I've purchased in the past." - April Cammin


"Cool looking brushes that I get to easily and hygienically swap out every other month - and the carbon polish is amazing! My teeth are whiter, and after using to to brush my tongue, my mouth feels cleaner than it ever has after using just paste!" - Kat Ponte


"While I can't review the actual brush as I ordered it for my husband. I can say that this company is quick to answer your questions, quick to ship, and I loved the minimal packaging when we received the order. So far so good considering it was an impulse subscription decision on my part haha." - Stephanie Michelle


"I am really happy with the quality of service the minimal packaging of the product. I would like an ultra soft option but otherwise I'm rally happy to have signed up to get a new brush every two months. All while making a greener choice." - Robin Faith


"Amazing product! Works great and feels great. So much better than a plastic brush. The automatic shipping and billing makes it so you don't even have to think about ordering your next one. Highly recommend!" - Kaila Borrelli


"Love my BamBrush! It's like magic - just as my toothbrush starts to reach the end of its life, another one shows up at the door!!" - Adam Sorensen


"This company is great and has such a quality product. It was so easy to switch to using bambrushes and now I get them regularly which saves a ton of hassle - and makes my teeth so much cooler!" - Kelly Adam


"If you enjoy keep your mouth clean while helping the environment, Bambrush is an awesome, stylish toothbrush!" - Jesse Macko

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