Paperbags and Ergonomics!

Over the past few months, we have continued to work, and grow, and most importantly, listen. There has been a tremendous amount of feedback through our social media about what people like, dislike, and want to see improved about BamBrush.

Well, we’ve taken that feedback to heart, and worked with our suppliers to create BamBrush 1.3. These new brushes will be different/ better in two ways:

1. We will be replacing the thin recyclable plastic that our brushes have been sealed in with a kraft paper bag. This is a huge step for us in making BamBrush 100% plastic free. Our sites are now set on an alternative to nylon for our bristles, but have not found an appropriate natural solution, and we don’t want to sacrifice the functionality of our product to make it that way. It is a toothbrush after all, and we want to make sure it serves its purpose.

2. We have improved on our bristles by making them ergonomically shaped to better contour teeth, and switching over to ultra-soft. Our bristles up to this point have been found to be between soft and medium depending on sensitivity. So, based on this feedback and recommendations from dental professionals, we have made this change. Our bristles will still offer a great clean, while ensuring you don’t damage your enamel in the long run.

We hope to make both of these changes as soon as possible, but they will likely be available by mid-summer!

We are always looking to improve the company, and your feedback is a huge part of that. Thank you all for your input and support. We appreciate ya!

Brush Responsibly,

The BAM Team

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