DoEcoLiving – a place, where everyone can take a part in future saving!

We all know how important it is to care about our future and ecology. It depends on each of us.

Today we want to tell you about an interesting project that can help everyone get involved. It’s an eco-inspired toy company called DoEcoLiving. They really care about the future of our planet.

It’s a great online eco toys store with a wide range of eco-friendly toys that can be a great helper in eco-parenting of your kid and a great eco-project at the same time!

Eco-project of DoEcoLiving

The company has a vision they want to come true: stop the destructive activities of humankind on nature. At the same time achieve an ecological balance between humans and nature.

People understand that such goals can be reached through development of ecological lifestyle and personal responsibility. DoEcoLiving involves people into ecological challenges and educate our children in eco spirit.

In DoEcoLiving eco project the team have already started doing steps to save our planet:

  • They launched a global campaign “28 orders = 1 tree” - for every 28 orders at our eco toys store we pledge to buy 1 tree seedling and plant it.
  • Started a permanent “small step to a big goal” discount program. The main aim is to encourage people to do small eco actions that will help improve the environmental situation.

Eco-friendly toys store

DoEcoLiving is an online eco toys store at the same time. It offers unique, safe and eco-friendly products that are in greatest demand to help parents raise their children in eco-spirit. That way we can change the thinking of our children right from the start. We all want our kids to be aware of environment, care about natural resource consumption, and animals.

All the products presented in DoEcoLiving's eco toy catalog are absolutely safe for both your children and nature. DoEcoLiving range is very wide:

  • Wooden toys
  • 3d wooden mechanical puzzles
  • Eco-cotton stuffed toys
  • Plaster building blocks
  • 100% recycled plastic toys
  • Carton board games
  • Crayons from beeswax
  • Finger paints made of rice flour, clay, and vegetable extracts
  • Eco dough from wheat flour with natural oil

DoEcoLiving always cares about children and nature at the same time. All the toys due to natural materials are safe and will serve you for a long time.

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