Decrease Your Carbon Footprint, Increase Your Carbon Tooth Polish

Hey Hey Hello Everybody!

We’ve got some [more] exciting news for you! We are happy to announce that we will be adding a new product to our line up: BamBrush Carbon, an All Natural Coconut Charcoal Tooth Polish.

As more people have switched over to the bamboo toothbrush life, we wanted to be able to provide other items that would be of interest to them. The residual coconut oils in, and the hyper-absorbency of the Charcoal Polish actively leech stains from enamel, and will help to whiten teeth in a matter of weeks. This is not a substitute for traditional toothpaste, which is crucial for good dental hygiene, but a supplement to help maintain good dental hygiene.

This addition came about from our conversations with customers, so we’re very excited to be able to offer it now! A big thank you to Kyla from Baeck + Ann for designing our wonderful new label, and Deborah from Deborah Price Photography for our awesome product shots.

We always want to hear from you as our amazing customers, so please drop us a line at admin@bambrushes.com or on Facebook

Take care, and brush responsibly!

The BAM Team

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