A Quest for Plastic-Free

We started BamBrush in the hope that we could help reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfills and water systems, while providing a service that applies to anyone (who brushes their teeth).

What we have come to find along the way is that the problem with plastic isn’t one-dimensional. Its not just about figuring out what to do with plastic when you’re finished with it; i.e. recycling, up-cycling, and landfills; Its about decreasing the overall need for plastic in disposable consumer goods at the production level. Have a look HERE for some more insight. 

This realisation has changed the way we talk about our goals and vision for the company. Its no longer just about replacing traditional plastic brushes that will end up in landfills, but providing an alternative solution so that the plastic brush is never produced at all.

One of the most common comments we receive is about our brushes bristles: “they are plastic”. This is true; our bristles are made of dental-grade nylon, and will continue to be, until we find a natural solution that is not only hygienic, but provides the same clean. Until then, we are proud to offer our bamboo brushes as they are 99% less plastic than traditional brushes, but will continue to seek out an all natural alternative!

With these thoughts in mind, we want to put out the call for your continued feedback and recommendations. Our highly-engaged customers keep us accountable and striving to better ourselves whenever possible.

Thanks, and as always, brush responsibly!

The BAM Team

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