Bam Brush Is Changing The Way You Brush Your Teeth!

Let’s face it, having clean teeth and a great smile is
something we all can appreciate…


But many of us continue to use the same old toothbrush for months or even years without ever changing them out. Gross! Not only do regular toothbrushes wear down, they can also become unsanitary to use. Almost every dentist will recommend that you change out your toothbrush to a fresh new one every few months, but many people simply don’t.
Now, thanks to Bam Brush, we’re going to totally change the way you brush your teeth. Bam Brush is a beautiful and stylish toothbrush made from 98% Moso Bamboo, which is one of the fastest growing types of bamboo, and is also hypo-allergenic and fully biodegradable.
When you subscribe to the Bam Brush subscription service, you’ll get a fresh and new Bam Brush in the mail every 2 months. And when you toss your old Bam Brush toothbrush out, thanks to its biodegradable materials, Mother Nature will thank you. This means no more filling up landfills or polluting our beautiful oceans with plastic toothbrushes!
Not only will you get a fresh new toothbrush every 2 months to keep your teeth clean and sparkling white, but you’ll also be brushing responsibly each and every time.
“It’s a WIN-WIN For Your Teeth, Your Dental Hygiene…and Mother Nature!”
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